Anderson is a Grade 11 High School student in Guelph, doing a co-op placement with Backyard Bounty’s parent organization Orland Conservation.  He was asked to describe his thoughts on agriculture/environmentalism and any experiences he might have had, his reply:

What does agriculture mean to me? Well, that’s a very broad question. Agriculture to me is the sense of being able to positively use the earth’s resources while maintaining sustainability for a better tomorrow.

My experiences with the environment have mostly all been positive. In truth, it’s rare that doing something for the environment is ever negative. In the sixteen years I’ve lived in Guelph, I’ve noticed that it has a strong agricultural workforce which I think is fantastic. I love the sense of sustainability, and co-operation.  In my impressions with agriculture, I see it as a constantly growing business and workforce because as the population grows, more farming is needed. I view it as a strong, positive and stable career.

High School has definitely opened my eyes to a wide variety of careers and opportunities, which I am grateful for, however I do think it is lacking in the environmental field. Majority of classes either focus on sciences, such as chemistry and physics, while others will focus on business, such as law and marketing. To my knowledge, my high school only offers once course focusing on environmental sciences, but the spotlight is mostly focused on chemistry and physics. I think that more focus on the environment would be a positive addition to the school curriculum. Although there is a lack of the importance of agriculture, my school does have their foot in the door. Centennial has achieved eco-gold status in terms of recycling and waste management. On top of that, every Tuesday, each class brings down their recycling in order for it to properly dispose of. This is run by ‘Global Outreach’, a club designated for helping the environment.

In conclusion, I’d say my impression on the environment is nothing but positive, despite the lack of knowledge I may have. It’s certainly a growing factor in everyday life, and it may be a career that I will pursue someday.


We look forward to helping Anderson with his career goals, while teaching him a thing or two about urban agriculture and local food security!