In 2013, Backyard Bounty completed transforming a basic, run-of-the-mill lawn into an edible and native plant paradise.  The homeowners wanted to combine low maintenance and high yields within an aesthetically pleasing design.  To that end, cherry trees, blueberries, strawberries, saskatoon berries among others were planted.  To round out the desire for privacy and shade, a line of emerald cedars were planted alongside the fence and a tulip tree was planted inset into the yard respectively.

Before the transformation

Landscaping-project-2013-photo-12-676px   Landscaping-project-2013-photo-13-676px

Edible Berry Garden


Edible Berry Garden: blueberries were given extra peat in order to lower the pH of the soil to an optimal level for berry production


Along with the design and implementation, Backyard Bounty offers detailed information on how to maintain your property once it is complete. Despite being low maintenance, there are still factors that need to be considered if one wants to increase their fruit/vegetable yields, keep their trees and shrubs pruned optimally, and generally keep their newly renovated space beautiful. The client was provided with care instructions developed for this particular garden.  This demonstrates Backyard Bounty’s desire to not only satisfy our clients, but also to maintain that ‘wow’ factor among our client’s friends at dinner parties for seasons to come.

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