A leading global food securities expert calls Ontario’s tabled Local Food Act a good first step in food — and job — security.

“This is a foundation stone that will be made more concrete in subsequent years, but right now it sounds pretty aspirational,” said University of Guelph professor Evan Fraser. “This is a great piece of legislation that will be seen as a stepping stone.

Community groups and workers in the province’s agriculture sector call the act a good first step.

If passed, the Liberal government says the Local Food Act would, through education, encourage the growth and development of markets for foods grown and made in Ontario. It would also provide funding for collaborative local food projects. The act would provide funding for experimentation and innovation in the agri-food industry.

“Government needs to be a partner and to put incentives in place,” Premier Kathleen Wynne said.

Wynne said that, if passed, the act would help make more local food available in markets, schools, cafeterias, grocery stores and restaurants throughout the province.

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