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Home Grown Goodness!

Since 2009, Backyard Bounty has partnered with members of the community to convert more than 35 parcels of land into productive gardens growing vegetables naturally.  The map above shows the gardens which we are currently using including some past-conversions where homeowners decided they were up to the backyard gardening task.

This image is meant as a visual aid demonstrating just how much land is available within an urban area that could be dedicated to food production, and we’ve hardly scratched the surface of what’s truly available!  Urban gardening has the potential to change the landscape of the food system, just think, when you support Backyard Bounty you can look at the above map and say my food traveled 4kms to get to my table!  Or if you are one of our land-donors, you could literally measure food-distance in metres! Now that’s local food.