Backyard Bounty is excited to announce a new local food partnership with the Guelph Food Bank as of the 2013 season to provide fresh vegetables to those in need. The program is funded through generous private donation, and will take place between May and the end of August each season. Produce received by food banks are traditionally, and unfortunately lacking in freshness, quality, and presentability. Backyard Bounty is eager to remedy this during this as we will be delivering (organic!) vegetables to the Guelph Food Bank on a weekly basis, with the hopes that we can contribute to an already outstanding job done by this community group.

On the subject of food security, we completed a literature review investigating the consumption of vegetables by Canadians relative to serving recommendations by Canada’s Food Guide, which revealed that only 35% of Canadians consume an appropriate amount of fruits and vegetables daily. This leaves 65% of the population vulnerable to chronic disease as a result of poor diet. For many people lack of vegetable consumption is a choice, however barriers do exist for those who are simply working with a more limited budget, and it is our hope that we can begin to address this through this project. We recognize that this is merely a small contribution, but hope it is a catalyst to a larger movement.

The vegetables will be grown on the Peri-Urban Farm site in the South End of Guelph, on land donated by Mike Watt and Terry Ellery of Biltmore Homes. If you are interested in volunteering some time, please just drop us a line and we’ll make it happen!