Promote your business in the Guelph community by sponsoring an organic vegetable crop for the Guelph Food Bank with Backyard Bounty

Give the Gift of Fresh Food

Led by Backyard Bounty in partnership with the Guelph Food Bank, your sponsorship of a ½ acre plot of farmland through our Grow Local Sponsorship Program will provide fresh organic produce for 30 people in need this season. Backyard Bounty’s experienced organic farmers will dutifully till, seed, and care for a plot of donated land in your name. The organic vegetables harvested from your plot each week will be delivered to the Guelph Food Bank, providing locally-grown, fresh, nutritious food for families in need.

Growing Locally, Together

  • All of Backyard Bounty’s farmland is donated by landowners in Guelph – our largest sites are from local developers. We convert unused areas of field and lawn into productive farmland each season.
  • Sponsorship from businesses like yours is essential to support the process of organic food production: seeds, compost & fertilizer, mulch, equipment, and farm staff.
  • With your support, Backyard Bounty’s experienced organic farmers complete the entire process effectively from site preparationand harvesting, to washing and delivering produce.

Sponsorship Recognition

Sponsors receive a charitable tax receipt from the Guelph Food Bank. As a sponsor, your business will be promoted through the Backyard Bounty website,social media, and community events.

Community Benefits

Healthy Food for Those in Need

  • As a result of this program, the Guelph Food Bank now has a regular, guaranteed source of fresh produce
  • Local, organically grown food is nutritionally superior to chemically treated and early-picked produce

Climate Change & Air Quality

  • The more lawn you help us convert to productive farmland, the less grass to be mowed – that’s less air and noise pollution in your community
  • Local food production means less fossil fuel and resource usage


  • Your business will be part of a new generation of organic farmers!

Growing Period

Backyard Bounty operates seasonally – growing over a dozen varieties of vegetables – with preparations beginning in April, and the first produce arriving by June. We begin shutting down gardens in mid-October, with the last of the vegetables harvested by November 1st.

Contact Robert to start growing: robertorland@backyardbounty.ca

Guelph Food Bank


The Guelph Food Bank was established in 1989, and assists over 22,000 individuals in our community annually. In 2013 over 1,000,000 lbs of food was distributed to those in need. Food Bank clients vary in age, ethnicity and socio-economic background, but all are facing financial hardship. Due to factors such as illness, short-term crisis, adverse economic conditions, and the ever-increasing cost of living, we assist community members who struggle to buy enough food to adequately feed themselves and/or their families.