Peri-Urban Farm

The Peri-Urban Farm project is a collaborative effort between individuals, organizations and businesses within the community of Guelph and was conceived /> for the purpose of learning how transition land near city centers can be used to produce food cheap NFL jerseys for urban dwellers and in turn, how it serves to strengthen and build more sustainable communities. Developers Mike Watt and Terry Ellery of Biltmore Homes own 45 acres of property behind the Salvation Army, on the corner of Gordon and Arkell, the majority of which is wetland space where development is restricted. The remaining land is residential property. Of this transition land, 4.5 acres has been donated to multiple stakeholders, including Backyard Bounty, for the purpose wholesale jerseys of cheap nba jerseys creating an organic farming project. Transition land is space reserved for residential construction in future years but that presently remains unused.

The gardens established on the site were created and are maintained by three groups – wholesale NFL jerseys Backyard Bounty, Salvation Army and Future Watch. While espousing their own unique goals and objectives for the project, our partnership involves knowledge and resource sharing as well as organizing and executing community outreach initiatives, such Master Gardener lectures and canning workshops. The weekly harvests throughout the growing season are shared and each partner decides how their share of the produce will be allocated, whether it is to farmers markets, CSA and garden box pick-ups or food banks. Each partner has targeted specific demographics to whom their share of the produce is distributed, as such a broad spectrum of community members whose access to fresh, local and organically (2015) grown produce becomes veckan enhanced – from newcomers to low-income families to community members who are commodo physically removed from the downtown core. The urban farming project aims to feed the urban community and holds that everyone has a right to healthy eating.

The Peri-Urban Farm represents just one more step in the evolution of Backyard Bounty’s urban farming model. Recognizing some R77D inefficiencies resulting from distances between plots, and limitations due to the smaller size of some plots, wholesale MLB jerseys we have made the move towards more centralized-larger locations. The Peri-Urban plot is the perfect location for Backyard Bounty’s efforts in the Southend of Guelph, as it allows us to produce food closer to the Aberfoyle Market that we have joined in 2012, as well as allowing us to reach more residents of Guelph who may not otherwise be able to conveniently visit us in the downtown core. The majority of the food produced on this site is destined for the plates of restaurants, the stalls at the Guelph Farmer’s Market and Nicole the Aberfoyle Farmer’s Market. Lisa Conroy – one of our senior farmers – is dedicated to improving our efforts on this land in 2012 as she guides her intern Brad along his path of learning.