Local Food Restaurants

During the growing season, our produce is used by several restaurants in Guelph.  You will see our pamphlets in these restaurants and can ask the chefs which ingredients they purchased through us.  Doesn’t it feel good to eat out and know that you are supporting sustainable agriculture and your community!?

Local Food Restaurants which will be using our vegetables in their menus include:
Borealis Grille
1388 Gordon St.  (519) 341-9752

Woolwich Arrow
176 Woolwich St. (519) 836-2875

1 Wyndham St. North  (519) 827-0145

Sprouting Life
(519) 763-3954

Green Table Foods (Meals that Heal)
297 Woolwich St. (519) 826-0361

Wild Organic Way
22 Carden St. (519) 766-1701

With the Grain
295 Woolwich St.  (519) 827-0008

Carden Street Cafe
10 Carden St. (519) 837-2830

Alex and Dan Catering

37 Quebec St. (519) 821-3359

Bin 23
6 Carden St. (519) 780-2246

We want to supply vegetables to more restaurants throughout Guelph.  If you are the owner or head chef of a restaurant and are interested in our produce, please click here.