Transform Your Yard Landscaping Services

Let us work with you to transform your unused lawn into a productive and unique urban garden with our landscaping services.  For example, your lawn could be converted into a natural space hosting native plant species through the genius of Travis Cranmer of Cranmer Earth Design, our landscape technician and native plant specialist.  Now you can help to feed the community and have an attractive, ecological garden for your personal use to feed your family as well!

with Cranmer Earth Design

Our team will get down and dirty to complete the lawn to garden conversion process, whether it be from removing sod or shoveling dirt, or working together to prepare a site for winterberry, choke cherries and other native plant species.

What is so wonderful about eco-landscaping? It is a statement about our commitment to changing the urban environments such that they are accountable to future generations.  This planet is a gift to be handed down to our children – the creation of spaces that protect and provide native species habitat and are resource productive trump any rationale for maintaining low-biodiversity and resource dependent lawns.

Converting lawns to natural spaces using native species and providing design solutions – Travis will work alongside you in developing your garden plan, he is full of knowledge and ideas and will be sure to see your vision come to fruition.  Join us in building more environmentally sustainable communities!

Here are a couple images of a recent job Travis and Tom completed in Orangeville!  (click to enlarge).